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Jools Barrett This group is fantastic and has really got me excited about living and designing my heart out in Enfield again... I highly recommend this idea for any area if you feel there is a lack of community spirit or want to meet other like minded friends to be. x

Jessica Chu We're paid up members of LYDS and we love it! Such a great sense of community! Thank you for highlighting the great work that Emma Rigby and her team do. Maddielili Photography x

Jennie-Louise Michael We love LYDS!!!! It has bought a fantastic sense of community back into Enfield. It has helped local businesses and local residents in so many ways ... if you need help in Enfield LYDS will find it for you ... with the added bonus of making some lovely friends along the way. Emma and her team have done a fantastic job and I am so pleased that this is being recognised ... ps I love you Mary Portas!

Jiana Denny LYDS is fantastic and brings real value to the community. I love popping into a local shop and telling them how I found them or calling up a company that has been recommended. Congratulations to Emma and team and thank you for making people like me feel like part of the community.

Merlyn Wright I cannot tell you enough how Love Your Doorstep Enfield has opened my eyes and mind of the necessity of community and how great is the feeling to be a part! It is a place to give and to take; a mutual relationship for everyone in the community. And as a paid up business I have benefit a lot too. If only the whole country would have Love Your Doorstep I'm sure this is one of your vision Emma Rigby and team! X

Kareen Cox This is absolutely fantastic that Love Your Doorstep is being recognised nationally. Thank you Mary Portas. As a graphic designer I've found it invaluable for growing my business and getting my name out there. But it's more than just business. There's a community spirit and community love (however corny that may sound), that is Enfield. It's the help that's just around the corner should you ever need it. A few years ago I was trying to devise a way to gather recommendations of skilled craftspeople (roofers, electricians, plumbers etc) that friends and family had used in the past as I found it so hard to find good people. Not anymore. The Doorsteppers (as we call them) are recommendation alley. You want something - they'll find it for you. LYDs rocks! x

Sonya Meagor great idea, but behind great ideas you need people and Emma and her team are great at this (in my limited time with them). Inclusive, proactive and make things happen.

Fou Anastasiou Thanks Mary Portas for acknowledging LoveYourDoorstep and the fantastic efforts of the LYDS team! It does exactly what it's name states! There's is a very lovely, strong community feel within Enfield, where all members support one another: your questions are answered fastened than google, so much fundraising &charity support, where to go and what to do, fashion, news updates and great advertising from local small businesses. I've not recently joined and apart from seeing my business grow, I've met some amazing wonderful people, who had it not been for LYDS I would never have known. Emma had a great idea and a dream to bring a community together! She's done more than that......come see for yourself Mary xx

Jude Ewen LYDS is brilliant and we are so lucky that we have Emma Rigby living here as without her none of this would have happened! I myself have gained many friends through being part of this. I have visited local businesses that I may not have known about, joined a Bookclub, been to restaurants, & found local tradespeople who have been recommended & have done brilliant jobs! Emma and the whole team do a fantastic job & I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! You must come & visit Mary Portas!

Garry Kousoulou As a owner of a Traditional bricks and mortar opticians, this Community page helps my Independent Practice stand out. Not having the Budget of the Multiples, customer service, Product choice and Staying ahead of trend it makes getting the message out 199% easer.
Thank you mary for Championing Retail. Not forgeting Emma RigbyJo JohnsonOlivia Lahav Wakeford

Carla Learoyd I joined Lyds as a resident of Enfield to become more involved in the local community, and have since joined as a business member which has definitely helped my sewing business gain more local custom, and hopefully a reputation for good work. I absolutely love LYDs and have nothing but praise for the team behind it. Long may it continue!xx

Emma Chapman I own Ruby blu an independent gift shop in Enfield I have found the support from LYDS immeasurable, not only have they helped me by supporting my shop but the members have helped support me as a Mum, Friend and Business acquaintance. Emma Rigby and her team have made such a difference to how we all look at our community, where we shop, dine, etc. In the current market climate each day for us small businesses is stressful and the prospect of what is happening to our high streets is unsure, that's why the events, activities that LYDS arrange constantly to support all local people & Businesses is without doubt making a difference. Thank you so much for highlighting the work we as a community are all working hard to do everyday. x

Dai Alford I feel the same as all the comments above- Emma's simple idea has turned my life into a better one. Community spirit and support, shopping local has never been so much fun. X I would never want to be without doorstep now xxx

Open Studios & Art Trail - Southgate & Palmers Green A great group run by an outstanding team that really know the community! A great resource offering support to make purposeful partnerships and connections.

Doodle Designs An outstanding group where you feel supported and recognised. A personalised approach with real positive impact! Xx

Dana Fisher LYDS is beyond awesome. It's helped me grow my small business, but has also helped me to support other small businesses, and local business beats big name corporations hands down everytime - quality, service, and .

Panay Richards Love Your Doorstep is an incredible community site which really brings communities together and encourages and supports local businesses and initiatives. Its made our borough a wonderful, connected, supportive places to live!

Sarah McGeough Love Your Doorstep has done amazing things for Enfields community. I have lived here for over 8 years and only since I joined LYDS have I learnt about where I live and the fantastic places there are to visit locally. I have also made some great friends and often walk down the street and see loads of people I know who I met by talking to them on the LYDS facebook group. This is all thanks to Emma Rigby who had the idea to bring back our community spirit after the awful riots in August 2011! x

Ana Elisa Remigio I live in Haringey where I know a lot of people but I think I know even more now in Enfield thanks to Lyds xxx

Anne Croxford I run a team of people working from home selling Usborne books and our profile has grown enormously since joining' Love your Doorstep' last year - We have been invited to events, had new people joining us and lots of new customers...the support from the LYD team, other paid business members and people visiting the site is fantastic.

Sharon McClean I absolutely love LYDS and the people behind it - it has made living in Enfield a much more close knit experience, and in addition to all the retail links and recommendations, the community feel to it is really special too - sharing of experiences (both retail and otherwise) is really rewarding, and I love that as a paid up LYDS member I can spread the good word about my local Slimming World groups to the community as well! Well done to Emma and her very special team!

Tracy O'Beirne LYDS is amazing on so many levels. It raises community awareness. It helps the local businesses financially and also the residents. Because I now have easy access to highly recommended local tradesmen I have been able to cancel various insurance policies. Better still, if and when I do need help, I'll be putting money back into my local community

Vicki Greenwood I am the community manager for LYDS Braintree, and LOVE the group! I joined the group in Enfield as it my home town and was over the moon when Emma Rigby decided to create the same group in Braintree! It really does bring the community together, and its a real buzz to hear the mums discussing the latest LYDS topics at the school gates, as well as knowing we have made a real difference to local cause

Gonul Dogay I have met so many lovely people through the LYDS group, both as a consumer and as fledgling start up. Emma Rigby had an idea which has brought together a whole community. I feel that being part of LYDS has opened up a whole new world to me. There is the African saying "it takes a whole village to bring up a child" so I see the child as the business and the village as the community, encouraging, nurturing and building confidence.

Sue Dawes Like Joe, above we have received massive support from LYD and our school has received massive support from being able to advertise events to receiving donations for raffle prizes (without even asking local business donate). The reason I became involved with my school fund raising was that I felt passionate about ensuring that I supported my children's school but also knowing the money raised is used to ensure every pupil receives opportunity to grow and try new experience. LYDs has helped us connect with the community around us share information gain support!

Jo Hall I use LYDS Great Notley personally to keep up to date with what's happening in our area, and when I was running our local school's PTA I had tremendous support from LYDS with publicising our fundraising events. It really is a fab and simple idea....local people helping each other! Well done, Emma and team.

Lucy Hall Love Your Doorstep has been such a brilliant experience to be part of. I have seen the online community grow and develop very quickly into a really, really useful online directory. For my own business, Little Lucy's Bakery, it has been phenomenal. I have had so much business, which helps me continue doing what I love to do. I love networking with other local businesses, and i have met so many people who have given me advice and support. I can't thank the creators enough - not only has LYDS been great for my business, but me personally too!"

Andy Love MP: Hello Emma (and all other members)- thank you for allowing me to join and see what has been happening with your group. It seems like a great place for people to share their views and ideas and I'm sure it will be having a positive effect on our community.

Member of Parliament for Edmonton · June 1997 to present




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