1) On becoming a community member of the LYDS group you can post information and recommendations about products, services, and the local area.  We would love your knowledge.

2) To post about your business into LYDS you need to be a registered LYDS business.  Being a LYDS business you have your own web page on 
You get support from LYDS so local people know you are on our doorstep!  Becoming a LYDS business helps to give you exposure through a number of different channels: FaceBook, Twitter, the LYDS website and the LYDS marketing routes. 

You can join the LYDS business group here which will explain the package including T&Cs, pricing structure and what your page will look like:

If you are not a LYDS business

You must not use your contribution to this group for:
• the promotion of any products, services or chain messages or for any other commercial purpose without Love Your DoorSteps prior consent
• comparative advertising;
• any fraudulent purpose;
• harming or attempting to harm minors;
• sending or procuring the sending of unsolicited emails , unauthorised advertising or other communications;
• an investigation e.g. tracing the whereabouts of any person.

We retain the right to remove comments that refer to any sponsorship, petition, campaign or scheme, at our discretion.

3) This is not a spamming or self promotional FB group

4) please no not post links to networking groups or to ask for votes or likes unless you have prior approval by the groups admin.

5) All HOUSE RULES can be found here:

6) Testimonials about LYDS can be found here:

7) To advertise on the noticeboard please contact the group admin: Emma Rigby

8) Our T&Cs can be found here:

9) This is a public platform
Once your comment is online, everyone with Internet access or our Smartphone “App” can read it. Please make your comment clear to ensure that it is not misunderstood. You can express a strong opinion but please do not go over the top. Don't forget that you are legally responsible for what you submit. Please consider how your comment could be received by others. Many different types of people of different ages may view your comment. This applies to any content you submit.

10) Rule 10: Respect the spirit as well as the letter of the House Rules

In deciding what is acceptable, please also respect the spirit and tone of these rules and the LYDS community.

11) Removal of content
We regularly moderate contributions, reader comments that violate the letter or spirit of these rules or our Terms & Conditions may be removed (or, if checked in advance, not published in the first place). If we do remove something, we will generally remove whole posts, or where necessary, whole threads (not parts). This means that even if only one sentence is objectionable, the whole comment will usually be removed (or not published).

If your contribution or a thread is removed, this may be for any number of reasons. Usually, this will be because the contribution breaks these rules or our Terms & Conditions or is the subject of an abuse report. Sometimes, the contribution may be removed because it is connected to another contribution which is being removed. We hope that you will understand that, once properly notified of a complaint, we may have to remove a contribution for legal reasons (whatever the rights and wrongs).

If your content has been removed, we may email you to let you know or to inform you if you have been suspended or banned from submitting further comments to the Site.

If you are aware that content has been removed, you must not deliberately resubmit the same content.

Rule 12: Suspension and termination

We reserve the right to suspend or ban you from the LYDS platforms at our sole discretion. Here are some reasons why we might do so:
• Breaching these rules or our Terms & Conditions;
• Serious failure to respect the spirit and tone of the community; or
• Conduct or comments that demand a disproportionate amount of our time or that abuse our staff.

The length of a suspension or whether we ban someone depends on all the circumstances. Allowing our users to contribute content is a privilege, not a right. If you abuse our rules, or our Terms, you should expect to be barred from using the LYDS platforms

If we suspend or ban your registration, you must not attempt to re-register or submit content (e.g. using someone else's account), without our permission.

We also reserve the right to take proceedings against you for breach of our Terms or these House Rules and to report the matter to the Police or other appropriate law enforcement agency.

If you have any queries please contact:


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